Welcome to Folk Tongue. This is the blog of Balladear on which he will tell and retell folk tales in verse. The stories are, of course, common property, but the form of them here is unique. Please feel free to read to yourself or others: if the latter then credit where credit is due and acknowledge the writer and, perhaps, recommend this blog to others.


Blog Content

Title                                                                         Date Posted

  1. The White Moth                                                  6/2/2012
  2. The Silver Whistle                                             7/2/2012
  3. The Sword From The Stone                            7/2/2012
  4. Old Sykes, His Wife and Their Gold            15/2/2012
  5. Enchanting of Colleen                                    16/2/2012
  6. Seal Lover                                                         29/2/2012
  7. Legend of Quykham Church                            7/3/2012
  8. Lady Sybil and the Milk White Doe                22/3/2012
  9. A Twisted Tale of the Pendle Witches          29/3/2012
  10. Jamie-go-deeper                                                6/4/2012
  11. Morwen of the Woodlands                              11/4/2012
  12. Joseph and the Red Weaver                          16/4/2012
  13. Bringing the Tide to Morpeth                           24/4/2012
  14. The Conversion                                                 10/5/2012
  15. Durham Ballad                                                    5/8/2012
  16. Hugh le Biron Goes to War                             23/9/2012
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  1. Phil said:

    Do you know Balladear.co.uk still appears to be live?

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