Young Colleen of the Emerald Isle,
Was home alone and asleep,
When cautiously through her dark bedroom
The Sidhe did quietly creep.

Her skin was pale as soft fallen snow,
Her hair, all of a billow,
Was fiery as a winter sunset
Spilling across her pillow.

The Queen of the Sidhe had decided
Colleen would be her hand maid,
To this end intricate spells were cast
On the lass where she was laid.

They wrapped her in her own bed linen,
But even if she’d woken
None would have heard her cries for help with
Her being so softly spoken.

Swaddled as she was and hard asleep
They carried her out from there,
With graceful ease they rose from the ground
And flew with her through the air.

Once they had carried Colleen across
A lough or flowing water
She was lost to the world, forever
The Sidhe’s adopted daughter.

But, just before they could get so far,
As they flew out from the town,
There came the voice of one who loved her,
“In the Lord’s Name, set her down.”

The Sidhe are mightily powerful
And fear nothing in the land,
Yet, as much as they may wish, they can’t
Disobey the Lord’s command.

So they set her on a grassy bank
But before they flew away,
As one voice they cried aloud and said,
“We’ll return for her one day.”

So, to her home Colleen was restored,
Though to her own self, not quite,
She became a rather restless soul,
Unsettled after that night.

Fearing the Sidhe really would return
She was never left unseen,
Many eyes watched the flame-haired lassie,
The pale skinned, quiet-tongued Colleen.

Then came the night a fierce storm raged and
Many went to turn the flood,
But, when the danger had passed they found
Colleen gone, and gone for good.

Some say she simply ran away or
Was lost in the flood water,
Others said the Sidhe took their flame-haired
Quiet tongued and pale skinned daughter.

Wherever it was she was taken
Never again was she seen,
If it is true the Sidhe took her then
What fate awaited Colleen?


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